sexta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2014

Sleep and sleep

Did you know ...
the ... sleep apnea in children may cause delays in developing stat weight by decreasing the secretion of growth hormone?
The ... sleep apnea may cause hyperactivity in children and not as drowsiness in adults and that although rarely diagnosed is frequent in hyperactive children?
Together ... often overnight, symptom called nocturia, is a common symptom of sleep apnea in adults?

... should not exercise close to bedtime? Because this raises the body temperature and thereby slows the descent of the physiological temperature accompanying drowsiness and subsequent sleep.

Chocolate has caffeine ... and so should be avoided at night, especially if you often use the sleepless nights?

There are ... studies indicating that sleep deprivation, ie, insufficient sleep hours can make it gain weight?
The ... sleep apnea may be a cause of sleepwalking?Google Tradutor para Empresas:Ferramentas do Google TradutorTradutor de Web sitesGlobal Market Finder

"Text kindly provided by the Points of View Marta Gonçalves, Clinical Director of the Sleep Institute in Porto and President of the Portuguese Sleep Association (November 2011) magazine"

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