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Fibromyalgia - National Day of the Fight Against

When the pain is part of day -to-day ' Liliana Carona

Fibromyalgia is a chronic disease that limits the daily life of the patient. It translates into very bothersome muscle pain , fatigue , sleep disturbances , and other symptoms . Chronic pain is no longer reason to ask for reform. 17 years ago that Helena Carmo , treasurer at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu , has this disease . The fight starts in the morning , upon waking , Helena explains the Renaissance : " Every day , the effort of having to get up , you have to go take my shower , have to say ' I have to leave home but can not ' " .
When you arrive at work, the struggle continues . Sometimes , wins Helena , others the disease : " I have to lay their head on the desk because I can not , even sometimes handling coins for small change . Other times I have to call my husband to pick me up because I can not drive home . "
" I'm working with pain , with fatigue and many days I'm not working ," laments Helena Carmo .

This is a story you can hear in , the date that marks the National Day of Fight Against Pain .
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